Season 11


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season 11

Although this season “Family Guy” celebrates its 200th episode, it hasn’t lost its relish. Often pictured as a dysfunctional family, the Griffins still hang together and get the most out of every moment. As a starter, they venture into an unknown land… Mount Everest. Let’s face it! They have plenty of grit.

Things take an unexpected turn when Lois has a mid-life crisis and Meg loses her heart to a boy who turns out to like her brother Chris. Quagmire also wears the willow. He accidentally marries a scarlet woman. In the meantime, Peter becomes a meth dealer and Chris moves in with Herbert. Also, Brian and Stewie travel back in time.

However, when the two try to go to Las Vegas by teleportation, a device malfunction causes a cloning effect to them. Thus and so, two pairs of Brian and Stewie both go on a car ride to Sin City with each pair having different experiences in another “Road to…” episode.

Episode 1 Into Fat Air
Episode 2 Ratings Guy
Episode 3 The Old Man and the Big ‘C’
Episode 4 Yug Ylimaf
Episode 5 Joe’s Revenge
Episode 6 Lois Comes Out of Her Shell
Episode 7 Friends Without Benefits
Episode 8 Jesus, Mary & Joseph
Episode 9 Space Cadet
Episode 10 Brian’s Play
Episode 11 The Giggity Wife
Episode 12 Valentine’s Day in Quahog
Episode 13 Chris Cross
Episode 14 Call Girl
Episode 15 Turban Cowboy
Episode 16 12 and a Half Angry Men
Episode 17 Bigfat
Episode 18 Total Recall
Episode 19 Save the Clam
Episode 20 Farmer Guy
Episode 21 Road to Vegas
Episode 22 No Country Club for Old Men